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 Propose a Learning Community for Fall 2015

The Learning Community Program is now soliciting applications for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

The Online PROPOSAL (for both new and continuing learning communities) is now available:

 NEW and CONTINUING Learning Communities, Download RFP (pdf)

Download RFP(doc), Microsoft Office copy of the Proposal

Download the RFP Rubric(xls)

Will your Learning Community have a residential component? Provide additional information by downloading this page(pdf)


**If you are having any issues downloading the files, please check that your browser is not set to block pop up windows. If you are still having issues, please e-mail us at learningcommunities@wayne.edu.**


DEADLINE:   December 12, 2014

Learning community proposals should clearly reflect the learning outcomes of the departments and colleges/schools represented.  The University takes a broad view of what constitutes a learning community. Regardless of structure, the literature confirms that the most effective Learning Communities address the following:

  • having clearly delineated academic and social goals,
  • involving faculty and academic staff,
  • having the support of the responsible administrative unit(s),
  • having a well thought-out plan to achieve both the academic and social goals.
  • having a well-thought out plan to assess the achievement of the stated goals.

Funding Criteria

In keeping with best practice in Learning Communities, the main criteria for funding will be:

  • Programs that demonstrate quality of intended learning outcomes and the means for achieving them.
  • Programs that demonstrate quality and comprehensiveness of the assessment plan.
  • Programs that demonstrate an integrated and well-defined plan for the role of Peer Mentors in achieving the intended learning outcomes.
  • Programs that demonstrate a plan for sustainability.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Cooper at (313) 577-2254 or ao4919@wayne.edu